Chesapeake Bay

Problems with Stream Restoration in General:

River restoration: the fuzzy logic of repairing reaches to reverse catchment scale degradation  –

Bulldozing a creek in order to help save it

The Ecological Restorations Industry – Follow the Money

Expensive Stream Restoration Failures Will Diminish Our Nation’s Appetite for Restoration

Restoring Streams in an Urbanizing World
See “Channel Reconfiguration and Grade Control“, p.8 and “Restoration and effective catchment management”, p10

The Efficacy of Constructed Stream−Wetland Complexes at Reducing the Flux of Suspended Solids to Chesapeake Bay

Problems with Stream Restoration in Donaldson Run:

Shortcomings of the previous Tributary A restoration 

Best Management Practices Alternatives – Virginia Stream Restoration & Stabilization Best Management Practices Guide

VA Stream Stabilization Practices Workshop 11-10-11


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