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We support preserving Arlington’s urban forest and are concerned about the rapid loss of trees on public and private lands. The imminent loss of at least 81 trees along only ¼ mile of Donaldson Run’s Nature Area deserves careful reconsideration. These irreplaceable mature trees are important to the environmental quality, energy efficiency, and psychological health of Arlington. The Donaldson Run Tributary B steam restoration project, costing us taxpayers over $1 million, sacrifices the broader natural environment for a single questionable storm water purpose. We can develop better alternatives to use the money more effectively to meet all environmental and public works goals.

The project, conceived more than a decade ago, is based on outdated techniques and data. It was approved in a faulty process limiting public input.  Already deferred for more than two years for other County priorities, postponing implementation scheduled for fall 2017 will allow more time for public input and better stewardship.

Please sign this petition to postpone implementation. Your signature at: can make the Arlington County Board hear citizens’ voices on this important issue.

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